Glove Resources is a well-established professional medical disposable supplier and consultant to interested parties in the industry. We step foot in the industry as an independent party providing not just quality products but as well as quality advise.

To date, our market includes both local and international customers. Our success comes in the form of providing users/buyers advise on the most suitable product and help matching the right supplier to buyers. In meeting the needs and wants with the right supplier, we have grown and enlarged our customer based, built trust and loyalty.

With the world becoming smaller and everyone is closer by just a simple Internet connection away, many buyers as well as suppliers are caught in the mass option and find it difficult to obtain the truthful information in order for them to make the right decision. It is for this reason, we have managed to gain entry into the market by providing our professional assistance to the needed.

On the product side, due to the liking of our services, we specialize in gloves, but are also providing other medical disposables as well such as facemask, industrial heavy-duty gloves, household gloves, jump suits and so on.


Mission Statement

We aim to supply and provide quality products to the market, and matching the right supplies to the right demand.

It is most regrettable if the most suitable product was not used due to lack of knowledge about the availability of such product. It is even worst when the not suitable product is applied and later risks both businesses of the buyer and supplier. Our aim is therefore simple "Matching the right product to the right market."

At the same time, we also provide consultation to interested parties. At Glove Resources, we would be glad to share our professional advise and determine the most suitable protection tool at satisfactory quality level and reasonable prices. Value for money is what we aim to gain for the buyers.

Over time, we have established mutual understandings with a wide network of all local suppliers. Hence, we are able to obtain collective strength from all local suppliers. At current, we are working towards establishing our international connections with neighboring countries and beyond.

In addition, we also act as an independent party for certain buyers as their 3rd party inspector. We aim to provide the extra competitive edge needed to our loyal customers. Making sure that purchases are hassle free by guaranteeing on the products delivered to them. This complete loop from product and buyer selection to quality satisfaction gives the buyer their competitive edge starting from purchasing. Coupled with a strong and creative marketing strategy, it is almost a successful guaranteed business!!